Alder Group

Alder Group - About us

Why Alder?


Our firm’s name is a nod to the Alder Trees commonly found growing in Western Canada.  Alder Trees, most notably Red Alders, remarkably enrich the soil enabling nearby plants and trees to thrive.

Likewise, our team works to enrich the people, businesses, institutions, and not-for-profit organizations within our community.

Our Philosophy


 Achieving greatness builds confidence and fulfillment.  We believe that everyone in an organization can achieve greatness - the key is alignment and elevated leadership.

Our Team

Marnie Kiel - Managing Director


  Through 22 years of entrepreneurship and leadership, Marnie weaved the achievements and learnings into the foundation of Alder Group to support the success of other leaders.   She is passionate about building strong working relationships and remaining best-in-class in industry education.  Creative and highly resourceful, Marnie's greatest thrill is problem solving and her expertise in workplace analytics is often sought by clients and colleagues when solving business challenges.

Keomi Grad - Leadership Advisor


 Keomi is a Certified Professional Coach, with a strong background in people management.  She has a passion for engagement and establishing collaboration within organizations.  While working in the hospitality industry Keomi built highly effective and empowered teams, which,  significantly reduced turnover in an industry known for its fluctuating workforce.  Her experience in both the public and private sectors has given her a broad knowledge of various organizational environments. 

Vivian Grad - Leadership Advisor


Vivian has over 35 years of experience in leadership within the healthcare, software, telecommunications, and public services industries.  She has built several highly effective, successful teams, including those distributed across several countries and continents. This has required developing strategies for dealing with varied cultural and legislative differences.  Vivian also has had extensive experience implementing quality systems and lean methodologies, as well as providing one-on-one leadership mentoring and training.  

Nick Fournier - Leadership Advisor


As a former CEO and founder of a national organization, Nick brings a wealth of relatable leadership experience to our firm.    He has over 30 years of facilitating individual and business growth.  His straightforward approach, rigorous attention to detail, and wide business experience enabled success.  Nick is a respected business leader who is committed to building highly productive and motivated teams.   Drawing on his business expertise, Nick is always looking for innovative and significant ways to move his company and clients forward.